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Publicat în Tratamentul rapid al prostatitei Farmacie — Produse Pentru prostata — prostatita. Himplasia — Himalaya Contribuie la reducerea in volum a prostatei, amelioreaza fluxul urinar si creste cantitatea, Noul medicament asociază pentru prima dată două ingrediente active in aceeaşi capsulă, având o doză fixă.

Ultrasound and X-ray imaging for brachytherapy applications Stereotactic radiosurgery Gamma Knife Gamma Knife, the most effective cancer radiation technology GammaKnife is the most valuable standard in the treatment of brain tumors. This treatment is a highly concentrated form of radiation treatment, which greatly increases efficacy and decreases side effects.

Gamma knife is used in the treatment of different brain tumors, vascular malformations and functional procedures. Cyberknife radiotherapy Surgical treatment in cancer treatment Curative surgery is used as part of medical oncology. However, the prostate cancer treatment israel condition for oncological surgery is that the tumor is limited only to the organ or tissue where it first appeared.

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For the successful surgical treatment of cancer, as a curative purpose, there should be no metastasis. Tumors can be completely removed if their margins are well determined.

Article Introduction Colorectal cancer CRC is the third most common cancer in men and the second most common in women. Although screening, addressability and increased awareness have augmented the number of cases in the non-metastatic setting, approximately one in four individuals with CRC will be diagnosed in stage IV.

There are cases in which the tumor cannot be completely removed, in these cases being applied reduction oncology surgery. At the same time, the surgical removal of the metastases, few in number increases the patient's chance of healing.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery The surgical treatment of laparoscopic cancer, with the help of the 'Da Vinci Robot', brings a number of advantages to the patient.

Besides the general ones, of all the laparoscopic surgeries, such as pain reduction, minimal scarring, short hospitalization period, diminished bleeding, increases the success rate of the operation. DaVinci robotic surgery is used in gynecology, thoracic surgery, oncological surgery, urology, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery and ENT surgery.

Semne și simptome[ modificare modificare sursă ] Cancerul de prostată în faza precoce de obicei nu provoacă simptome. Uneori, cu toate acestea, cancerul de prostată are simptome similare cu cele ale altor boli, cum ar fi hiperplazia benignă de prostată. Aceste simptome includ: urinare frecventă, nicturie urinare frecventă în timpul nopțiicu începerea dificilă a urinării și menținerea unui flux continuu de urină, hematurie sânge în urinăși disurie urinare dureroasă. Simptomele cancerului de prostată avansat sunt: - durere puternică și senzație de amorțeala la nivelul pelvisului; - durere în regiunea lombară și toracală; - pierderea în greutate și a poftei de mâncare; - oboseală continuă și aparent, fără motiv; - greață și vărsături. Cancerul de prostată este asociată cu disfuncții urinare deoarece prostata înconjoară uretra prostatică.

The surgical treatment of cancer is multidisciplinary The specialists of general surgery, radiology, anatomy-pathology, medical oncology and oncological radiology work together through a multidisciplinary approach in the planning of breast cancer treatment.

In particular, the first specialist to evaluate the patient is the oncologist surgeon. It is also important that before and after treatment, the patient is prostate cancer treatment israel psychologically and psychiatricly. In which situations do you use prostatita cronică nu ajută la nimic surgery?

The first option for breast cancers, found in an early stage, is oncological surgery.

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Within the surgical method, the tumor is excised from the breast tissue, around its tissue, or by excision of the entire breast. Also, to understand whether the tumor has spread to the armpit or not, lymph nodes are also excised. By performing the surgical treatment for cancer, the stage of the disease is detected, as well as the additional therapeutic requirements radiotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy.

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Today, due to the development of oncological surgical treatments and the improvement of adjuvant treatments, many patients have excellent results. Protective breast surgery Breast cancer patients are lost due to systemic recurrence, in other words, spread metastasis and not recurrence in the breast.

In this regard, removal of the tumor-affected tissue by the method of protective breast surgery in appropriate cases with a single tumor outbreak is preferable to mastectomy instead. In breast protection surgery, the tumor tissue is excised by about cm from the normal breast tissue around the tumor large excision, tumorectomy. Other techniques based on larger excisions of the breast region are known as "sectorotomy" or "partial mastectomy".

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Regarding nodules that are not considered to be palpable and malignant and marked with wire under mammographic or ultrasound guidance, they are filmed after excision by wire guide or ROLL Radiolabelled localization of occult lesions techniques and are controlled prostate cancer treatment israel or not excisable.

A Surgical treatment of cancer that involves removal of the entire breast mastectomy Mastectomy is a method applied in situations where protective breast surgery is not possible.

Again, depending on the patient's situation, it is possible to discuss the modified radical mastectomy excision of the whole breast and a large part of the axillary lymph nodes. In this case, due to excision of a large part of the axillary lymph nodes, there are side effects such as arm swelling, numbness, tingling.

B Oncological surgery for the evaluation of axillary lymph nodes Breast cancer indicates an extension especially to the axillary lymph nodes. In the past, excision of all axillary lymph nodes was preferred to determine the stage of the disease, to determine their degree of disease and to provide good local control axillary dissection.

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Because patients often complained of side effects such as swelling of the arm lymphedemarestriction and deformation of the shoulder, low power and cushioning of the arm, medical oncology specialists gave up this technique.

In recent years, the "sentinel lymph node biopsy technique" is the method of excision of most lymph nodes, due to the identification of tumor cells. What is the surgical treatment of biopsy of the sentinel lymph node? In this technique, before the surgery, a radioactive substance called 99mTc is injected into the breast, including the tumor.

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By activating the highly radioactive substance, it is possible to monitor the lymph node either in the afternoon one day before the operation or in the morning of the operation by lymphoscintigraphy, then the excision is performed by a radioactive or counter-tool detector called the gamma probe. Subsequently the sample is sent to the anatomical-pathological laboratory for analysis during the operation.

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It is also possible to inject blue dye into the breast, including the tumor, during the operation. In this case, the blue lymph nodes or lymph nodes can be excised as sentinel lymph nodes by finding the blue lymph channel and following it; and these being sent to an anatomopathologist during the operation, in the same manner.

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If the sentinel lymph node has been involved, all axillary lymph nodes must be excised. It was found negatively during the operations, that there were lymph nodes that were considered not affected and were not excised. As such, side effects such as lymph node edema, restricted shoulder movement, or arm dampening are rarely seen in patients who have undergone only sentinel lymph node biopsy.